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Bengt Ingemar Samuelsson

Life sciences research institute

Jiangyin Bengt I. Samuelsson Institute of Life Sciences Co., Ltd. Jiangyin Bengt I. Samuelsson Institute of Life Sciences Co., Ltd.was founded by Prof. Bengt I. Samuelsson, who is international renowned expert in the field of inflammation and regarded as the vane of the protein science and technology of the international hospital and the important representative of the Nordic school.

The original scientific team of the institute was mainly from the Karolinska Institute and the Uppsala University in Sweden. With the influence and inspiration of professor Samuelsson, more than 20 well-known scientists from 8 countries and regions participated the establishment of the institute. A number of international patents on proteins are filed every year. The current executive director is Dr. Gu Ming, a Chinese scientist.

The main research direction of the institute is the cutting-edge development and clinical application of proteins. The Institute focuses on the transformation of advanced protein biotechnology, and provides new biological materials and solutions for global pharmaceutical companies to solve clinical problems.

The Institute has 5 key laboratories and several project groups, including biochemical engineering laboratory, drug controlled release and delivery system laboratory, protein molecular design laboratory, self-assembly biomedical coating laboratory and pharmacology laboratory.


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