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Biological material

生  物  原 料

Mussel adhesive protein, MAP, also called Mytilus edulis foot protein,Mefp, is a special protein composed of marine shellfish mussel (Mytlus edulis Linnaeus), Thick shell mussels (Mytilus coruscus) , Perna viridis, etc. These proteins allow mussels to attach themselves onto rocks, hull, cable, and other solid surfaces, have anti-water properties, and endure the impact of waves.. In fact, mussels can be firmly attached to almost the base of any material, such as metal, wood, glass and so on.


11 subtypes of proteins were identified from mussels, including mefp1, mefp-2, mefp-3, mefp-4, mefp-5, mefp-6, collagen pre-COL-P, pre-COL-D , Pre-COL-NG, PTMP and DTMP (Zhu Yaoyao et al., Advances in Marine Science, 2014, 32 (4): 560-568), of which Mefp-1 is the most important component, and also the first to be separated out. Jiangyin Bairui Sen Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. to mussel foot silk as raw material, after crushing, extraction, chromatography purification, concentration and other process steps to obtain high purity single protein.

3 Structural Characteristics of MAP

Lysine:To attract cell to attach and crawl on a surface with positive charge

The mussel adhesive protein(MAP) is composed of 70-90 decapeptide repeats each containing two lysine residues. This gives the protein a high isoelectric point and thus a strong positive charge at physiological pH.Each MAP molecular is of more than 150 positive charges. The surface of most cells in the human body,such as epidermal cells, fibroblasts, osteoblasts and nerve cells carries a negative charge. The resulting electrostatic interaction between the cells and MAP facilitates the adherence of the protein to the? cells and tentatively contributes to the promotion of their growth and proliferation. The accelerated growth? of epidermal cells thus enhances the healing and recovery of wounds and ulcers.


It is generally accepted that the oxidized(o-quinone) and non-oxidized (cathechol) forms of DOPA residues in MAP cross-link to forma polymer network.For the mussel to the sea bed. For the application of MAP in skin and scar therapy applications it means the formation of a transparent polymer coating that allows the interchange of water vapor and air to take place.

Hydrophobic interaction:

MAP also contains hydrophobic amino acid residues.In normal saline solution, thes

groups may interact with the lipid bilayer of cell membranes.To facilitate cell to be dependent on MAP to form water-proof adhesion.

Medical devices

医  疗  器  械

The mussel adhesive protein molecule with a positive charge and a large number of 3 4 two, 4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (DOPA, DOPA) these unique structural features, the mussel adhesive protein with electrostatic adsorption cell growth, adhesion, crawling across the water to form micro mesh structure and other functions, clinical manifestations, wound healing, restrain itching and pain inhibition inhibition melanin and inhibit scar.

And a new medical instrument product has been formed to improve the function of the original instrument.

The function of the repair of mussel adhesive protein wound was completed in the Department of burn. The clinical trials were conducted by Beijing Ji Shui Tan Hospital, including four hospitals in Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of Medical University Of Anhui, the affiliated Jiangyin Hospital of Southeast University Medical College and the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University. The clinical results show that mussel adhesive protein promotes wound healing, antipruritic and analgesic function. The mussel adhesive protein has been clinically validated based on the function of Jiangyin, Usun Biochemical Technology Co. Ltd for the mussel adhesive protein of medical dressing products -- youbei. Then the registration certificate of MAP hydrogel dressing and MAP coated gelatin dressing products was obtained.

However, MAP is an excellent function. Biomedical materials with good biocompatibility are not only limited to the field of skin repair. MAP is used for mucosal repair products, MAP for the implantation of three kinds of medical device products, and the new medical device products combined with MAP and other medical devices products are also gradually applied for the process. For example, MAP can be combined with suture, dressing, dental implant, artificial bone, bone powder, stent, patch and other medical devices, and a positive charge coating is formed on the surface of the original product. Promote the rapid growth of cells and groups of tissue, and thus form a new medical device with a significant improvement in function, and better play the function of the original instrument products.


产  品  介  绍

General Name:

Mussel Adhesive Protein Wound Recovery Dressing

Product Properties:

0.5mg/ml×0.2ml,0.5mg/ml×0.5ml,0.5mg/ml×1ml,0.5mg/ml×3ml,0.5mg/ml×5ml, 0.5mg/ml×10ml,0.5mg/ml×15ml,0.5mg/ml×20ml,1.5mg/ml×0.2ml,1.5mg/ml×0.5ml, 1.5mg/ml×3ml,1.5mg/ml×5ml,1.5mg/ml×10ml,1.5mg/ml×20ml,
A total of 14 product variants are available


Light yellow, partical free liquid with slight scent of acetic acid.


Protection and healing of superficial second-degree bums

Adverse Reactions:

No adverse reactions have been found.


Keep it in a cool and dry place.

Expiry date:

24 months

Protease can remove keratin and open skin barrier, effectively remove inflammatory factors in skin and pores, block the harm of microorganisms and viruses to skin, and partly remove old keratinocytes and melanin. MAP enters the keratinocyte layer, stablized and continuously acting on melanin, so that keratinocytes and melanocytes restore its normal function. At the same time, the opened skin barrier can be rebuilt to enhance the resistance of external invasion and infection.

Protease can open the skin barrier, effectively clean up inflammatory factors, block the harm of microorganisms and viruses to the skin, and remove some old keratinocytes and melanin. MAP can penetrate into the basal layer quickly, stabilize and continue to act on melanin, repair damaged parts, make keratinocytes and melanocytes recover to normal state, and make skin natural and tender.


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