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Research and development system

研  发  体  系

Usun has developed its own unique research and development system: Leading by first-class foreign scientists, our own interdisciplinary research team, composed with outstanding researchers in related fields, carried out the transformation research, promoted the development and application of new products. It is the company's core values and the internal driving force of enterprise development; close cooperation with outstanding foreign research team and investigators to carry out basic and clinical research of pharmaceutical products. With these outstanding external resources to enhance the value of the company, boosted the development of USUN

USUN has possessed the core technology with proprietary intellectual property rights in the process of development, and unique mode of innovation mechanism on products, applications and development.

Setting up an innovation system: closely cooperated with the outstanding foreign research teams and first-class researchers, combined with our in-house research, to create a new system based on the integrating and mutual support of transformation research, clinical research and fundamental research. Which has accelerated product development and market expansion rapidly and orderly.

The establishment of China's marine protein industry innovation alliance:Based on independent intellectual property rights and exclusive raw materials, establishing alliance enterprises with partners to complete the development and sale of new products, and enhance the value and influence of enterprises.

The company's internal research and development system includes the research department, the product development department and the quality control department.

Research Department

Acquire new substances, get new substances through separation, purification, chemical synthesis and Biodegradation Technology, or endow existing substances with new characteristics through modification and modification.The study of physical and chemical properties of new substances is based on the possible functions of the properties of new substances. Functional application of new substances

Development Department

To develope new products - based on the physical, chemical and functional properties of the materials, to formulate and present in a certain form as final products. It includes the upgrading of the existing products and the development of new products. The formulation, dosage form, stability...

Quality Department

Quality control: responsible for the routine inspecting of quality management system, including internal audit work; be responsible for the management of monitoring and measuring equipment; be responsible for product monitoring and testing; be responsible for the processes control of the quality management system; Dealing with...

  • Karolinska Institute, Sweden
  • Uppsala University , Sweden
  • Adelaide University, Australia
  • Monash University, Australia
  • China Medicine University
  • China Research Institute of food
  • and drug verification
  • Scar antipruritic - Beijing Ji Shui Tan Hospital
  • Anti-inflammatory debridement - Changhai Hospital, affiliated to Second Military Medical University
  • seawater immersion injury - General Hospital of PLA (General Hospital of PLA)
  • Dermatosis and Antipruritus - Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University medical school
  • Oral ulcers - School of Stomatology at Peking University
  • Healing mechanism - Chongqing Southwest Hospital
  • Melanoma - Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University
  • Antidrug-resistant bacteria - Third People's Hospital of Wuxi

Jiangyin USUN Biochemical Technology Co.,Ltd. is a research and development oriented new biomedical materials company. The founding team is from University of Uppsala in Sweden and China academy of sciences. They have successfully transferred their research into new medical products. In addition, they have also developed other innovative protein products. Focusing on the research and development of MAP as the core product, a multidisciplinary, high level and efficient research team has been formed and a new product development platform with independent innovation capability and core technology has been built.

(Since)its foundation, USUN(has) formed a core tech team composed with top-class of expertise and scientists worldwide, and characterized with international, multidisciplinary, industrial background, and clinical basis. The team members include Prof. Bengt Samuelsson, the international renowned expert in the field of inflammation Prof. Jan-Christer Janson, a first-class expert of protein separation and purification in the world. Prof. Xia Zhaofan, an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Bengt I. Samuelsson

International Renowned Expert in the Field of Inflammation

12 years of the president of Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Served as board member in 12 pharmaceutical companies including Pharmacia Co, German Schering Pharma and Biolipo

Jan-Christer Janson

Famous scientist on protein purification

Emeritus Professor in Uppsala University

Former chief scientist of the GE Headlthcare company in the United States

The one or two and three edition of the famous academic book in this field (protein

purification) is a necessary tool for protein purification researchers.

Xia zhaofan

Academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, Director of the Department of burn surgery, Changhai Hospital Affiliated to Second Military Medical University

Chairman of the Department of burn surgery, Chinese Medical Association

Editor in chief of the army medical science and Technology Committee and deputy director of burn Specialized Committee, editor in chief of Chinese burn journal, editorial

board of Chinese Medical Journal English edition.

Talents leading scientific and technological innovation

The company realizes the following technical breakthroughs

innovation technology

One step chromatographic purification to obtain
a single protein with high purity

technical innovation

The protein of low immunogenicity and long-term
room temperature was obtained.

application innovation

The clinical application of mussel mucin has expanded to the effect of promoting healing, relieving itching and relieving pain. It has broken through the situation that mussel sticky protein has not been applied to medical treatment in the world, and other functions are being researched and developed.

USUN has set up 6 symbolic steps to mark different stages of development. R & D has always been the basis to leap over these steps. Since the first class II medical device registration certificate being authorized in 2014, another two medical device registration certificates were received in 2016, the application of mussel adhesive protein were expanded from single product of medical biological adhesive to 6 series of 11 products: biochemical reagent, wound repair materials, wound protection materials, coatings, biological adhesives, biological medicine. This year, new protein products were launched. At the same time, the application of MAP was extended to the field of FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), and new cosmetics and disinfectant products were developed, and sales were realized in the same year.

Medical device class II to class III

Extended application to skin, mucosa, bone, nerve, blood vessel, organ, muscle and so on

Medical device to medicines

The development of anti-inflammatory protein products

Medical treatment to daily consumption

From professional medical treatmant to cosmetics, disinfectant products and daily chemicals

A single company to Allied companies

Based on unique raw materials, cooperated with partners to establish more than ten allied enterprises. Earn profits from semi-finished products, intellectual property rights and stock shares.

Single protein to protein platform

Using the appeal of MAP to develop and introduce multiple protein varieties and put into the market

Domastic to international market

The research, development, registration, production, sales, intellectual property, etc. of the product are internationalized

Quality management

质  量  管  理

Jiangyin Usun Biochemical Technology Co. Ltd. established documented, implemented and maintain a quality management system and continually improve its effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of domestic and international medical devices regulations such as ISO13485: 2003 "quality management system for medical equipment regulations", "medical device production supervision and management measures", "medical equipment production quality management standards", "medical device manufacturing quality management specification appendix sterile medical devices". In 2013, USUN passed the ISO13485 quality management system certification authorized by Rhine Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (TUV). USUN carried out internal and external audit and review to ensure the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the quality management system.

The company is intending to achieve long-term success by satisfying customers and benefiting all members and society based on full participation and quality-centric philosophy.

Research collabortion

科  研  合  作

Usun’s core value and the internal driving force is R & D. The company is dedicated to transfer the outstanding scientific achievements into innovative products. For doing this, cooperated with domestic and foreign research institutes, carried out series of fundamental research, transformation research and clinical research. Currently ongoing projects:

1.The national key research and development program: cooperate with Institute for Medical Devices Control, National Institutes for Food and Drug Control(NIFDC): "the key technology research of new generation biomaterials quality evaluation".(project number: 2016YFC1103200)

2.on immunogenicity and degradation of Mussel Adhesive Protein; Investigation on immunogenicity and degradation of Mussel Adhesive Protein;

3.Cooperation with China medicine university: “Pre-clinical study on anti-inflammatory mechanism of new products”

4.In cooperation with the Department of dermatology in Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, " Mechanism of mussel adhesive protein inhibits pigmentation."


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