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Jiangyin USUN Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a medical materials company focused on research and development. The company’s core value is being committed to the development of protein-based materials based on innovative biomedical technology.

The company was founded in January of 2011. The Mussel Adhesive Protein project is the first industrialized novel biomaterial, which had been studied for 5 years in the laboratory of Sweden and the Chinese Academy of Science. USUN is currently the fourth Mussel Adhesive Protein producer in the world, and is the one and only in China. Mussel Adhesive Protein products have provided solutions to many medical problems such as chronic wound healing, wound debriding, itching relief, scarring and pigmentation, thus?to alleviate tsufferings of the patient. The company has now possessed 4?registration certificates of type II medical devices. Three Chinese invention patents had been authorized,106 trade mark licenses,11 utility model patent,5 copyright had been authorized , 9 applications for domestic invention patents, and 19 applications for international invention patents(3 patents had entered into national process).

USUN has a core tech team composed with first-class of expertise and scientists worldwide, and characterized with international, multidisciplinary, industrial background, and clinical basis. The team members include Prof. Bengt Samuelsson, international renowned expert in the field of inflammation Prof. Jan-Christer Janson, a top-level expert of protein separation and purification in the world. Prof. Xia Zhaofan, an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Talents have facilitated scientific and technological innovation.
The company had achieved the following breakthroughs

Innovation on manufacturing technolog

One step chromatographic purification to obtain
unitary protein with high purity.

Innovation on modification technology

To obtained protein with low immunogenicity and preservable at
room temperature for a prolonged time

Innovation on clinical technology

Has been clinically proved to promote healing, relieve itch, and relieve pain. It has been the breakthrough for Mussel Adhesive Protein being applied to medical treatment in the world. Other applications are under development.

USUN has established an innovative mechanism with technology, product, application and development model as
our core value.

established own innovation system

to create a new system based on the integrating and mutual support of transformation research, clinical research and fundamental research. Which has accelerated product development and market expansion rapidly and orderly.

Set up an international platform for projects
introduction and transformation.

Focused on the field of wound treatment; To introduce, hatch and transfer of multiple protein projects from overseas.

Establishment of the CMPA alliance

Achieved profits with semi-finished products, product and stock rights. Carrying out standardization of research on MAP and related products.

Company identity

Innovative Biomaterials producer.

The company's mission

Focus on the transformation of advanced
protein biotechnology. Provide novel
materials and solutions to the
world, and continually create
value for our customers.

The company's goals

To become a symbolic representative
of new form of Chinese industry
in worldwide biomaterials

The compant informatton

发  展  历  程

  • 2018.1.22

    New for a medical device registration certificate

  • 2017.11.5日

    Established the new academician station for Prof. Maria Strömme, famous Swedish professor of nanotechnology and functional materials science

  • 2017.11.05

    Granted top ten intellectual property demonstration enterprise in Jiangyin 2017.11.05

  • 2017.10.25

    Attending 2017 academic annual meeting of the Department of burn surgery of the Chinese Medical Association 10.25-10.28 2017

  • 2016.5.13

    Granted two medical device registrations

  • 2016.4.16

    Led by USUN, 25 allied companies formally established the CMPA together.

  • 2014.10.23

    Completed round A of financing with 30 million RMB

  • 2014.10.23

    Get the first medical device registration certificate

  • 2013.11.4

    Granted the EN ISO 13485 quality system litter

  • 2013.5.16

    Hire international renowned expert in the field of inflammation Bengt Samuelsson to chief scientist professor

  • 2012.10.25

    Granted medical device manufacturing enterprise license

  • 2012.7.19

    Granted hygienic license for production enterprises of disinfection products

  • 2012.4

    The renovation of the first factory building was completed and officially operating, including air-conditioning installation.

  • 2011.1.11

    The company was formally registered

Management team

管  理  团  队

Usun introduced senior management talents of production, quality, procurement, human resources, finance, marketing, sales, formed a technology innovation, management and efficient entrepreneurial team.

Gu Ming

Chairman of the board and General manager of Jiangyin USUN Biochemical Technology Co.,Ltd.
Researcher from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing
Host more than 20 national and provincial projects
Published more than 70 papers, authorized 3 patents for invention, achieved third-prize for scientific and technological progress of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
National "85" scientific and Technological Achievement Award
Jiangsu provincial entrepreneurial talent / 333 high level talents
Wuxi entrepreneurship Award for returnees
Star of entrepreneurship in Jiangyin


Senior vice president of Jiangyin USUN Biochemical Technology Co.,Ltd.
Had more than 10 years experience in medical treatment /transportation research and solution of IT
Co-founder of China's leading pharmaceutical management system
China HP Co., Ltd. 12306, China Airlines booking, Complaint center of the State Administration of Medicine
Sales manager and director of transportation department of China Potevio Company Limited
Sales Support Manager of Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd.

E Qing

Executive deputy general manager of Jiangyin USUN Biochemical Technology Co.,Ltd.
Had 6 years experience in pharmaceuticals industry
Had 16 years experience in medical device supervision

Gao Min

Chief engineer of Jiangyin USUN Biochemical Technology Co.,Ltd.
Doctor of Institute of process engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Undertake 6 scientific research projects at the national and provincial levels, such as the National Natural Science Foundation
Published 22 Chinese and English papers 
Applied for 21 PCT patents

Yin Yulin

Deputy general manager of Jiangyin USUN Biochemical Technology Co.,Ltd.
Had 12 years experience in production development and research of bio pharmaceutical company
Be in charge of production /quality/supply/new product development

There are 75 employers in Usun, 6 doctors,5 masters,35 undergraduates, It has formed a complete organizational structure including R & D registration, administration&human resources, production&quality, procurement and supply, marketing and so on. Operating the development, registration, production and sale of mussel adhesive products.

USUNBIO's Brand Culture

贝  瑞  森  品  牌  文  化

In January 11, 2011, Jiangyin Berrison Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. was registered in Jiangyin hi tech Zone. The word "Bei" of Berry Sen was taken from mussel myrins and mussel. The word "Rui" was taken from Sweden, and the word "Sen" was taken from the forest, symbolizing the vitality of flourishing.

"Focus on advanced protein biotechnology for the global transformation, provide new materials and solutions, continuing to create value for customers" is our mission, we abide by the occupation ethics noble, is committed to providing quality products and services for customers, and hope that through our efforts, to let Berrison become a symbolic representative a new form of China industry in the international market of biological materials company.

"Innovation" has always been the main focus of the company. Gu Ming, chairman and general manager of USUN, had positioned the company as an innovative biomaterial company. In pursuit of this general goal, our team always adheres to the ideas of innovation and the mode of international cooperation, striving to expand the only substance of mussel adhesive protein into an international protein industry transformation platform.

Innovation is the lifeline of an enterprise. The innovative thinking is particularly important. The company has set up an international and multidisciplinary core tech team with industrial background and clinical practice. This core tech team succeeded in leading our scientific and technological innovation. The company has produced a series of new products, achieved innovations on manufacturing technology, modification and clinical application.

However, in an increasingly competitive world, in addition to providing high-quality products, there is a need for innovative development mode to provide a continuous impetus for the development of our company. To this end, the company established an innovation system that focused on the combination of basic research, transformation and clinical study, to promote product and market development. We have established an international platform of introduction, incubation and transformation of protein projects; established innovation alliance of China marine protein industry, realized profit on semi-finished product, final products and stock rights.

The company always believed: innovation is the primary driving power for development. Although USUN is still a small company, we always believe that through our tireless efforts, we will become recognized worldwide.


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